Elizabeth Nord, a Tennessee photographer is  known for her expertise in motherhood photography, which she captures in her full-service studio, at your home, or on-location. Focusing on the beauty in motherhood, she provides a seamless experience for family and motherhood photography.

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We used Elizabeth for our heirloom pictures of our daughter and we are in love with how beautiful they turned out! Elizabeth was so easy to work with from start to finish


Embrace the now

Life's journey is filled with unpredictable ups and downs. Waiting for the "perfect time" to capture family moments can mean missing out on the beauty of the present. Professional family photos are more than just pictures; they are bookmarks in the ongoing story of your lives. Whether it's celebrating a pregnancy, welcoming a new birth, or simply cherishing the rare moments when everyone is together, these photos serve as lasting reminders of your family's unique journey. They immortalize the love, joy, and connection that define your family at this moment, providing a precious window back to these times in the years to come.

This Moment Matters. Let's Capture it forever.

A story-teller of life's most memorable moments

Married for 14 years and a mother of two, Elizabeth's world orbits around family, cherished friendships, and an undeniable affection for pets. She's independent with a detailed touch - always dreaming up her next culinary quest or travel escapade. 

Elizabeth found an intense love for family and motherhood photographer after having her first child. Moms do so much for their families and often times rarely get to treat themselves. She wants every photo session to be enjoyable for all family members and to take things off their never-ending to-do lists. Every family deserves to walk away with a tangible piece of art that they can proudly display and look at each day with a smile as they walk by.

Her genuine passion is evident in every photo she takes. She thrives on capturing the raw emotion and intimate bonds between couples and their loved ones. To her, these images are not mere keepsakes but profound emotional anchors for families to cherish over multiple generations.

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The last thing parents should have to concern themselves with is the intricate process of outfit selection, scheduling hair and makeup appointments, and agonizing over wall art choices for your home. At the studio, this is done for you from start to finish- ensuring your photography session is a meaningful experience where you can arrive without a care and let the team handle every step in the process. You get to focus on what truly matters— allowing the team to capture all the special milestones in your family's life.

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The importance of physical photos

In an era dominated by fleeting digital images, physical photos hold a special place in the heart of family memories. Mothers, as the weavers of these memories, find a tangible, enduring testament to their family's love and connection through albums and wall art. These physical snapshots offer a comforting, permanent presence in a home, transforming into cherished heirlooms that narrate the family's journey across generations. More than just decoration, they're an anchor to a family's legacy, capturing life's seasons in a way digital photos alone never can, forever encapsulating precious moments of togetherness.

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PRESERVING YOUR CHILD for years to come

Discover the timeless collection of traditional-style portraits, lovingly crafted to capture the fleeting moments of childhood magic for children aged 1 to 5. These portraits serve as a beautiful testament to their growth and transformation, remembering their youth forever. Experience the convenience of our studio wardrobe and personalized art selection appointment, making it the ideal addition to your portrait sessions.

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